Why They Left - Listening to Those Who Have Left Churches of Christ


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Why have people left Churches of Christ?Doctrinal Differences? Neglect?Instrumental Music Issues?The Role of Women?Divorce and Remarriage?Misunderstandings?Will the current generation of high school and college students remain in Churches of Christ after they graduate and leave home?In Flavil Yeakley's latest book, Why They Left: Listening toThose Who Have Left Churches of Christ, these and otheressential questions will be answered. As former director of theHarding University Center for Church Growth Studies, Yeakley'sextensive research in this area provides reasons given byformer members explaining why they left Churches of Christ.Critically important lessons can be learned from listening to theones who have left so that we can do a better job of ministeringto those who are still faithful and encouraging future generationsto remain in the church.

Flavil R Yeakley Jr.

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