In Pursuit of Virtue


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Pack of 10 Tracts

Being the best we can be.
The English word virtue is found seven times in the New Testament (KJV). It is derived from the Latin word vir, meaning "man." But it describes a certain kind of man. Homo is also Latin for "man," but it is applied generally to any man. Vir denotes a special kind of man -a man of strength, courage, and good character. It refers to the moral strength to always do what was right.

The word Peter chose (areta) is used only four times in the Bible: once by Paul (Philippians 4:8) and three times by Peter (1 Peter 2:9, translated "praises"; 2 Peter 1:3, 5). It basically means "excellence" and is used outside the Bible to describe those who did heroic deeds. What are the signs of virtue within our hearts?

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