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Caldwell, Colly Biblical Ground for Apologetics
Curry, Melvin D Rise of Unbelief - Apologetics in Today's World
Moody, Tom Classical Proofs for God's Existence
Moyer, Doy Inspiration and Revelation
Roberts, Mark Role of Miracles
Wilson, Mike The Real Jesus
Dickey, Thaxter Challenges of Humanism
Pope, Curtis Challenge of World Religions
Scott, Shane The Problem of the Canon
Roush, Doug Fulfilled Prophecy
Madrigal, Ray Faith & Reason
McClister, David The Problem of Evil
Bassett, Don Historical Accuracy of the Bible
West, David The Resurrection of Jesus
Bowman, Dee Apologetic Value of a Godly Life
Payne, Buddy Evolution-Creation - A Reasonable Approach
Payne, Buddy Evolution-Creation - Argument from Design
Payne, Buddy Evolution-Creation - Argument from Complexity
Pickup, Marty Transmission of Biblical Test- Is It Reliable
Pickup, Marty Current "Life of Jesus" Research
Pickup, Marty Scientific Foreknowledge
Roberts, Phil Biblical Criticism - Modern & Postmodern
Petty, Dan Apologetics in the Early Church
Earp, Tom The Media & Reality
Roberts, Carol Teaching Children the Wonder of Creation
Roberts, Carol Teaching Children Who Wonder - Evolution
Roberts, Hill Reaching Out to Skeptics
Roberts, Hill Apologetics for the Skeptics

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