Story of the Bible


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This is the story of that Book. It is almost as fascinating as the story it contains. And if you have read the Bible, you know how amazingly high that hurdle is. Here we are just readers. And as readers, we are going to look first and foremost at what the Bible says about itself. Then we will mix in a sampling of perspectives from other sources to try to answer in our own minds exactly how God came to reveal Himself to us, what exactly is from Him and what is not, how valuable "what is not" is in our Bible study, and how we can set ourselves up for success as we try to use the Book to guide us toward the life God intends for us, both here and in eternity. But we are active readers. This class is designed for Bible students who are willing and eager to dig deep, to work hard, to determine how to maximize their efforts to understand the Bible and then to do so.

78 pages
Pub. 2013
by Hal Hammons

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