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Boyer, Ryan-Kings Who Trusted God: Josiah
Britnell, Olen-Evangelism in Ecuador
Caldwell, Colly-The Lord Stirred Up the Spirit of Cyrus
Chandler, Luke-Where Did Saul Go Wrong?
Chaney, Dan-Evangelism in Kenya
Clark, Kevin-King of Kings, Lord of Lords: Our Conquering King
Crolius, Jerry-Josiah and the Rediscovery of the Word of God
Curry, Melvin-Prophetic Oracles to the Kings of Israel and Judah
Davis, Rhodes-Jehoshaphat: Flirtation With Evil is Dangerous
Dobbs, Sheridan-Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude
Focht, Doug-Jehu and His Dynasty
Goff, Leon Reminiscences of My Years of Preaching
Hall, Perry-Hezekiah and the Faithful Prayer of a Righteous Man
Hall, Sewell-The Shout of a King is Among Them (Num. 23:21)
Higgins, Josh-Kings Who Trusted God: David
Holder, David-Jeroboam and His Sin
Hunter, Brent-Josiah’s Six-Step OT Restoration Movement
Jenkins, Ferrell-With the Bible in the Israel Museum
Jenkins, Rickie-My Servant David Will Be King Over Them (Ezek. 37:24)
Longstreth, Jason-Recent Research on Personal Evangelism
Madrigal, Ray-The God of Comfort
Mauck, Tony-Asa: Stumbling at the Finish Line
McClister, David-Ethnic Relations in New Testament Times
McDaniel, Ken-The Hard Lessons of Solomon
McDaniel, Ken-Evangelism in Fiji Moyer, Doy-Can We Use the Bible to Prove the Bible? 
Panel -Women Serving God Around the World
Payne, Russell " Buddy"-Kings Who Trusted God: Hezekiah
Peeler, Tommy-The Temple in Kings and Chronicles
Peters, Dan-2 Chronicles 7:12-18 The Blueprint for Renewal
Petty, Dan-Give Us a King
Petty, Dan Anabaptists: Sixteenth-Century Restorationists
Pope, Curtis-Lessons from Naboth’s Vineyard
Scott, Shane-"I Am the Good Shepherd": Royal Images in the Ancient World, and Jesus
Ward, Dene-What It Means to Completely Surrender to God
Ward, Nathan-From Orphan to Queen: The Development of Esther’s Character
Ward, Nathan-The Reign of Ahab: The Low Point in Israel
Wilemon, Gary-David: A Man After God’s Own Heart
Wilson, Jeff-"You Will Forsake Me and Break My Covenant": Deuteronomy's Approach to the Historical Books

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