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Materialism in our society is rampant and readily observed. Having witnessed Christians making poor financial decisions, including improper credit card use, living beyond their means, and walking away from debt, led Randy to this study.

The effects of materialism are destructive to the most precious things we possess: our relationship with others, with our families, with the church, and with God. So many people are trading their eternal reward for the temporary pleasures of earthly possessions. As a diligent Bible student and gifted writer, Randy addressed this need.

Table of Contents:
1.Why Is This Study Needed
2.What the Bible Teaches About Money
3.God's Provisions: Manna, Capital, and Tithing
4.Bible Wisdom About Money
5.How the Prophets Addressed the Socio-Economic Issues
6.Jesus' Teachings About Economic Issues/Attitudes
7.Materialism: A Spiritless View of the World
8.Materialism: Its Promises Belied By Its Results
9.Dangers of Debt
11.Giving: Sharing and Wisely Using God's Gifts
12.Giving: Illustrated

97 pages. Workbook.
by Randy Blackaby

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