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The statistics are staggering. The consequences are critical. From the student to the sales clerk, in the neighborhoods and in the nursing homes, the belligerent behavior of bullying runs rampant. Perhaps you were the laughingstock in the locker room. Perhaps you were badgered on the school bus. Whether maligned in social media or demoralized in the declining years by embarrassment, exclusion, insult, or injury bullying is a worldwide problem.

Have you ever wondered:
-How to reclaim the dignity of your bullied child
-How to identify the telltale signs of bullying
-How to respond when your child is being bullied
-What a witness to bullying can do
-How to establish a zero tolerance policy

From school bullying in the cafeteria to cyberbullying after school, the statistics on bullying are staggering. This practical, quick-reference book shows how to spot, prevent, and respond to all forms of bullying. It covers everything from the root causes of bullying to the realistic ways to stop it. Perfect for teens, teachers, church leaders, youth workers, pastors, and parents.

Whether you are the victim, the bystander, the bully, or the parent of a bully, God’s Word provides practical help in coming to terms with this destructive societal downfall. His truth will equip you with right thinking, and His unfailing love will mend the brokenhearted.

by June Hunt

-96 pages
-4 x 7 inches.

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