Lifestyle Stewardship

Lifestyle Stewardship


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Lifestyle Stewardship: A Study Designed for Young Adults

Stewardship is more than money. Stewardship is not something we do, but it is the way we are. Stewardship involves all of life. It is our approach to living a God-centered life. It is about our commitment to discipleship, to be more like Jesus. Stewardship is more, much more than deciding how much to "put in the plate" on Sunday. It has to do with our values. It is about a mind set. It is about doing all that we can with all that we have.

In this study we will deal with the three "T’s" of stewardship. Your time. Your talent. Your treasure. We want to look at stewardship as it involves these three areas in relation to the wholeness of life. Too often we compartmentalize our lives into little boxes—work, home, social, church and country. We think of trying to balance everything and putting a bit of time, talent and treasure into all five. When we change the paradigm and think of two circles— an outer circle with all the responsibilities of life, and in inner circle with God in the middle then it makes stewardship a lifestyle, instead of some obligation we feel on Sunday morning.

While this study is targeted to young adults, who are just starting their careers and developing a stewardship lifestyle, the material is applicable to all ages. After all, the Bible speaks to all of us about our stewardship and "all things that pertain to life and godliness."

13 Lessons:

1. What is Stewardship
2. Principle Centered Stewardship (1)
3. Principle Centered Stewardship (2)
4. The Stewardship of Talent
5. How to Use All That I Am
6. The Stewardship of Time
7. Some Timely Advice About Time
8. The Stewardship of Treasure
9. Priority Planning
10. Guidelines for Giving
11. Learning to Be Content
12. Moving From Success to Significance
13. Growing in Stewardship

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