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Light Shall Shine Out of Darkness:
God’s Light in an Age of Darkness

Sunday Singing in the Gym

Wilson Adams-"The Lord God Will Be Their Light": God Our Perfector

Ed Barnes -"A Light to Open the Eyes of the Blind": The Miracles of Blindness

David Beckley-"From Darkness to Light":
Deliverance from Ignorance, Sin and Death

Rick Billingsley-"A Light to the Gentiles":
Evangelizing the World

Russ Bowman-"I Am the Light of the World":
God Our Redeemer

Ryan Boyer-From Light to Darkness
in the Gospel of John

Luke Chandler- New Excavations at Lachish

Kimberly Clayton- Through Faith (Ladies lecture)

David Curry- Evangelism in Ethiopia

Lonnie Fritz-"Disguised as an Angel of Light": Walking by a Counterfeit Light

Wayne Galloway-Evangelism in Colombia

Jason Hardin-"Your Word Is a Lamp": The Light of God’s Word

Brent Hunter-How to Be Successful in Evangelism Using "The Big Picture of the Bible"

Jerome Jackson-"You Are the Light of the World": Shining in the Midst of Darkness

Ferrell Jenkins-The Roman Imperial Cult in Palestine and Asia Minor

Berry Kercheville-"The Preacher’s Workshop": Preparing Adult Bible Class Lessons

Jason Longstreth-Identifying "The Man of Lawlessness”" (II Thess. 2)

Ray Madrigal Desperate Women of the Bible

David McClister-"Let There Be Light": God Our Creator

David McClister-Reading the Old Testament with the New Testament Authors

Mark McCrary-"God is Light": The Radiance of God’s Glory

Brent Moody-"Put on the Armor of Light":
Imitating Christ

Doy Moyer-God and the Slaughter of Innocents

Alex Ogden-"He Who Loves His Brother Abides in the Light": Loving One Another

Bob Owen-Evangelism in Scotland

Tommy Peeler-The Passover Theme in the Bible

Kyle Pope-"His Face Shone Like the Sun":
The Transfiguration of Jesus

Mike Richardson-"The Light of Israel Will Become a Fire": The Light of God’s Judgment

Phil Robertson-One Pure Light in a Very Dark World (Teen lecture)

Phil Robertson-One Penitent Light in a Corrupt World (Teen lecture)

Phil Robertson-One Purposeful Light in an Aimless World (Teen lecture)

Rob Speer-"That the Eyes of Your Heart May Be Enlightened": The Illumination of the Spirit

David Tant-My Years in Preaching

Pat Underwood-Can I Love Without Understanding? (Ladies lecture)

Debbie Walton Evangelism with Love (Ladies lecture)

Nathan Ward-Satan: The Prince of Darkness

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