Leadership in the Church (Truth in Life)


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Leadership in the Church

One of the greatest needs in the church of Christ is effective spiritual leadership. True or false? If true, how do we get such leadership? This workbook is designed to show that spiritual growth is the key to leadership. Individual spiritual growth and maturity inspires holiness in the family circle and in turn produces strong spiritual leaders in the church. This workbook highlights the process of spiritual growth which produces men capable of leading worship services, capable of preaching and teaching, and capable of serving as elders and deacons. It also discusses difficulties applying some of the qualifications for elders, the importance of a woman's role, and cultural challenges faced by leaders. Rather than being heavy with text, this workbook is formatted with questions designed to generate class participation and discussion. Effective teaching utilizes the knowledge and skills of the students to guide them toward the proper application of truth. To be effective, leaders above all must be men of great faith in God and must be grounded in the truth of God's Word. The lessons in this workbook require an open Bible and an open heart.

52 pages. Workbook.

Table of Contents:

Leadership in the Home (1)
Leadership in the Home (2)
Leaders Set Examples (1)
Leaders Set Examples (2)
Holy Hands of Leaders
Leading in Public Worship
Leading as a Teacher
Duties of Elders
Qualifications of Elders
Duties & Qualifications of Deacons
Problems in Applying Qualifications
Women and Leadership
Challenges Faced by Leaders

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