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"Evan and Marie Blackmore's Between Malachi and Jesus is an extraordinarily useful and insightful book. Students and veteran scholars alike will benefit greatly from this carefully researched and well written study. Readers are treated to a masterful survey of the history between the Testaments as well as detailed commentary on the major writings that contribute to our knowledge of this important period of time. No significant issue is left unaddressed. This masterpiece belongs on the shelf of all who have interest in the time leading up to the emergence of Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism. I recommend this book enthusiastically!" Craig A. Evans Payzant Distinguished Professor of New Testament Acadia Divinity College, Nova Scotia

"While it is tempting simply to write a history of this period, the Blackmores have accomplished something far more useful-they not only summarize the history and literature of this period, but they also provide a full-scale presentation of two significant writings: the Maccabean History (1 Maccabees) and the Eighteen Psalms (the Psalms of Solomon). For both of these they provide text, translation and text-critical notes as well as commentary. Together these two works enable the Blackmores to help readers understand the history, the culture, and-most importantly-the theological currents of these times, including the Messianic expectations of Jews during this era. Several other important works are summarized, including the most important historical source for this period-the works of Josephus. A final section explores the fulfillment of prophecies from the Old Testament.... To truly appreciate the history of any period and place, one must go back to the primary documents that survive from those who lived then and there. This volume provides students of the era between Malachi and Jesus with the ability to see it through the writings of those who breathed the air of Palestine and lived through its momentous events that culminated in the ministry of Jesus." Andrew E. Steinmann Distinguished Professor of Theology and Hebrew Concordia University Chicago

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