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Sunday Singing in the Gym

Shawn Bain-Learning How to Pray From the Psalms
Craig Bean-A Shield About Me: Finding My Identity and Protection in God
Colly Caldwell-The Song of Deborah
Todd Chandler-A Man After God's Own Heart
Stacy Crim-You Have Searched Me and Known Me (Psalm 139)
Edwin Crozier-Hear, O My People (Psalm 50)
Melvin Curry-My Heart is Steadfast (Psalm 57)
John Gentry-The Law of the Lord is Perfect (Psalm 19)
Tom Hamilton-Five Well-Known (But False) Facts About the Psalms
Ed Harrell-Let Me Never Be Ashamed (Psalm 31)
Gary Henry-His Delight is in the Law of the Lord (Psalm 1)
Don Hooton-Whom Shall I Fear? (Psalm 27)
Gail Hunter-Engrafting God's Word in Your Heart
Brent Hunter-Praying Through the Psalms
Berry Kercheville-The Preacher's Workshop: Teaching an Adult Bible Class
Jason Longstreth-Hebrews 11 and Typology
Ray Madrigal-Portraits of Jesus
Leon Mauldin-The Imprecatory Psalms
Lisa McClister-How Women are Transformed
David McClister-Literary Structures in the Psalms
Kenny Moorer-Evangelism: Costa Rica
Doy Moyer-Humanity and the Biblical Worldview
Tim Norman-Be Gracious to Me (Psalm 51)
Bob Owen-Who May Abide in Your Tent? (Psalm 15)
Tommy Peeler-You Are My Son (Psalm 2)
David Posey-Do Not Fret Because of Evildoers (Psalm 37)
Shannon Shaffer-Today, If You Would Hear His Voice (Psalm 95)
David Tant-My Years in Preaching
David Thomley-Evangelism: Italy
John Trigg-We Have Been Consumed (Psalm 90)
Ralph Walker-I Will Bless Your Name Forever (Psalm 145)
Paula Walker-A Thousand Days with Moses
Nathan Ward-Who Knows?
Jeff Wilson-Why Have You Forsaken Me? (Psalm 22)
Jeff Wilson-Classifying the Psalms
Mike Wilson-Relics of Ancient Covenant Making in the New Testament

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