In Our Own Language: Personality Types and the Gospel Writers


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For centuries, man has contemplated why we have four inspired versions of the gospel of Jesus Christ. While the real and complete answer may have to wait for future revelation when "we know as we are known," this book offers a novel approach to this age-old conundrum. Ric Keaster presents an explanation of how, throughout history, astute observers have analyzed the various personalities that emerge within the general population and have concluded that four main types emerge: analyticals, structurals, conceptuals, and socials. The remainder of the text makes the argument that these four personality types emerge distinctly through the four authors of the New Testament gospels. By analyzing the thinking and writing styles of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, Keaster uses points of author emphasis, choice of parables and miracles, even word counts on key terms and concepts, and other evidence to support these claims. He also links this argument with how God used different "languages" when he established His church in Jerusalem.

Ric Keaster

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