Praying Like the Psalmist


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Praying Like the Psalmists - A Study of the Psalms by Edwin Crozier

1. Believing the God of the Psalmists Part 1
2. Believing the God of the Psalmists Part 2
3. Seeing Ourselves as the Psalmists Did
4. Viewing Prayer as the Psalmists Did
5. Preparing to Pray as the Psalmists Did
6. Having the Same Goal as the Psalmists Did
7. Rigorously Open, Candid, and Honest
8. Being Creative Like the Psalmists
9. Making the Same Commitments as the Psalmists Did
10. Praying When the Psalmists Did
11. Listening for God's Response
12. Waiting on the Lord
13. Praying the Psalms

64 pages

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