David- Thou, O LORD Art a Shield About Me


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David - Thou, O LORD Art a Shield About Me

Perhaps the best-loved Old Testament character, David had God’s heart and became God’s man. Yet, from beginning to end, his life is filled with contrasts. David is Exhibit A that the Bible does not hide the flaws and failures of its greatest heroes. It is a life from which there is much to learn.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: The Anointing (1 Samuel 16)
Chapter 2: The Battle (1 Samuel 17)
Chapter 3: The Fallout (1 Samuel 18)
Chapter 4: The Temptation (1 Samuel 24)
Chapter 5: The Treasure (1 Samuel 25)
Chapter 6: The Throne (2 Samuel 1-5)
Chapter 7: The Ark (2 Samuel 6)
Chapter 8: The Disappointment (2 Samuel 7)
Chapter 9: The Forbidden (2 Samuel 11)
Chapter 10: The Confrontation (2 Samuel 12)
Chapter 11: The Harvest (2 Samuel 13)
Chapter 12: The End (2 Chronicles 28-29)


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