Elementary Teaching about the Christ


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Compilation of Essays by alumni of the college, edited by Heath Robertson.
All proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the Wilbur C. King Loan Fund which financially aids men who intend to preach the gospel to attend Florida College.


1. Hebrews as an Introduction to Biblical Themes - Coulter Wickerham* - Class of 2004
2. The Incarnation According to John 1:14-18 - Tom Hamilton* - Class of 1983
3. The Kingdom of God and the Faith of the Hebrews - Heath Robertson* - Class of 2007
4. The Law As Pedagogue: Paul's Use of Paidagogos - Jared Saltz* - Class of 2009
5. Sin and the Cross: The Lost Meaning of Propitation - Heath Robertson* - Class of 2007
6. The Significance of Jesus' Resurrection - Bobby L. Graham - Class of 1966
7. Crucified with Christ - Paul Thomas* - Class of 2009
8. The Head of the Church - C.G. "Colly" Caldwell - Class of 1964
9. Seven Letters from Jesus: Relevant Messages for Modern Churches - Leon Mauldin* - Class of 1972
10. Our Lord, Come! - Jim Deason - Class of 1974

An asterisk (*) indicates a recipient of the King Loan

143 pages

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