Washing Feet: Servant Leadership in the Church


Washing Feet: Servant Leadership in the Church

The study of leadership includes a wide variety of social, communicative, motivational, persuasive, and educational concerns. In a consideration of congregational, spiritual leadership, there are those concerns, as well as questions of scripturality, spirituality, theology, ethics, and morality. Since these components of leadership and its dynamics are known, why is congregational leadership such a problem? In the same way, why is followership a problem? Why is the organization that is the congregation often less than successful?

Leadership must be a concern of every congregation. If the subject of leadership is to make contact with congregational studies, a clear path into theological and biblical concerns must be understood.

This book is about leadership and the application of servant leadership in a congregational setting with an aim to equip the elders and those they designate for duty to know how to develop faith, utilize talents, encourage moral goodness, and spiritually form the congregation.

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