Walk Worthily: A Commentary on Ephesians


Walk Worthily: A Commentary on Ephesians Hardcover

by Jeff Smelser

Walk Worthily is an exegetical commentary on the Greek text of Ephesians that aims to highlight the particular circumstances addressed by the letter, namely Gentile Christians seeking to be a part of a body that started out as wholly Jewish. Paul’s letter was both an assurance to Gentile Christians of their place in God’s scheme and God’s house, and also an exhortation to these Gentiles to walk worthily of their calling such that the unity of the body of Christ might be practical and not merely theoretical.

Bible students accustomed to working with the Greek text will find both textual and grammatical issues pertaining to the original language thoroughly addressed. Greek words and phrases are almost always translated into English in an effort to make the point under consideration accessible to all readers. But those who choose to skip over the discussions of the Greek text will nonetheless find this commentary to be helpful, always analyzing what is said in light of the overall message.

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