Discovering God's Way Teen/Adult 5-3 Creation vs. Evolution


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Discovering God's Way (DGW) Teen-Adult Year 5 Book 3: Creation vs. Evolution, by Dr. Bo Kirkwood

This workbook, entitled Creation vs. Evolution, written by Dr. Bo Kirkwood, and edited by Robert and Arline Harkrider, examines the issue of origins. Is man the product of evolution or a Creator? The power of God is seen in His creation, while the mind of God is revealed in the Bible.

Author: Dr. Bo Kirkwood

Editors: Robert and Arline Harkrider

Lesson 1: Why Study Evolution?
Lesson 2 Natural Selection and Survival of the Fittest.
Lesson 3: Homology: What Does It Prove?
Lesson 4: Kinds
Lesson 5: Irreducible Complexity
Lesson 6: DNA
Lesson 7: The Genome and Epigenetics
Lesson 8: The Ascent of Man and Haldane’s Dilemma
Lesson 9: The Cambrian Explosion
Lesson 10: Icons of Evolution
Lesson 11: Our Special Earth
Lesson 12: The Elephant in the Room
Lesson 13: The Purpose of Life

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