2018 Lecture Book: Inquire of Past Generations


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Inquire of Past Generations
Lessons from Church History
Florida College Lecture Book 2018

Part One-The Evening Lectures
What Shall We Do with History - Ed Harrell
Is First-Century Christianity Relevant in the 21st Century? - Kenny Moorer
The Importance of a Proper View of the Church - Jeff Smelser

Part Two-The Day Lectures
What Shall We Do with the Hebrew Bible.- Jared Saltz
The Many Faces of Church Organization - Steve Patton
How Shall We Think of the Person of Jesus - Colly Caldwell
The Effects of Adam's Sin - Bill Bynum
To What Extent Should Human Experience Shape Our Reading of the Bible? - Brian Crispell
The Pervasive Influence of Reformation Thought - Alan Cornett
The Relationship Between Church and State - Dan Petty
Should We Systematize Biblical Teaching?- Jeff Wilson
Baptism: Essential, A Symbol, or Salvation by Works?- Harold Hancock
If Instrumental Music Is Unscriptural, Why Have Others Not Seen It?- Steve Wolfgang
What Happens When We Eat the Lord's Supper?- David Deason
Does It Matter What We Believe About the Lord's Return? - Jason Longstreth

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