Your Fresh Start


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This book was written just west of Portland, Oregon, the town where various hipsters talk admiringly of minimalism, you know, the ridding of excess in favor of freedom; jettisoning the superfluous to better enjoy what matters most. There’s actually a lot of truth to that, even in religion. In fact, pre-denominational Christians were minimalists of the best kind. They not only rejected the trappings of materialism (Acts 2:45), they were unencumbered with the extra-biblical teachings and traditions that unnecessarily rob too many believers today of the freedom in Christ we were meant to enjoy. Authentic, restored Christianity is clean. It’s not wasteful, and in primitive Christianity alone, God has placed genuine happiness, deep fulfillment and indescribable freedom. Your Fresh Start is an opportunity to spiritually de-clutter your soul and even the Lord’s church. This book discusses the five spiritual essentials every human being cannot live without: a relationship with our spiritual Father, His wise instruction book for life, a Savior for your eternal soul, your spiritual family, and taking pleasure in the pristine simplicity of living daily for God’s purposes. Times of refreshing come from just one place; the presence of the Lord (Acts 3:19). He makes all things new (Revelation 21:5), including you. You were born for this.

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