If You Had Been, Volume 3


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If You Had Been (Vol. 3), by Johnie, Johnie Paul, and John Isaac Edwards continues the series that began with volumes one and two exploring Old Testament characters. Volume 3 considers lessons that can be learned by putting ourselves in the place of men and women in the New Testament. Lesson 1 considers the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus. Lesson 2 explores lessons from the life of John the Baptist. Lesson 3 introduces the reader to Simeon, a faithful Jew waiting for the Messiah. Lesson 4 discusses Anna, who encountered the baby Jesus when He was brought to the temple. Lesson 5 asks the reader to put himself in the place of Jesus. Lesson 6 examines the life of Andrew, the brother of Simon Peter. Lesson 7 puts the student in the place of Nicodemus, the Jewish leader who came to Jesus by night. Lesson 8 addresses the Samaritan woman Jesus met at Jacob’s well. Lesson 9 looks at the life of Jesus’ trusted disciple Simon Peter. Lesson 10 considers a character from one of Jesus’ parables, the Good Samaritan. Lesson 11 introduces us to two of Jesus’ closest friends, Martha and Mary. Lesson 12 also examines a character from one of Jesus’ parables--the rich man of Luke 12. The study ends with Lesson 13, that asks the reader to put himself in the place of one of people described in the three parables on lost things in Luke 15.

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