Unraveling Evolution Rev. 2E


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The teaching of naturalistic evolution permeates many facets of our society and is accepted as a veritable fact by a majority of the masses. Critics of Darwin's doctrine are often branded as uneducated, unintellectual, and scientifically irrelevant.

In recent years, however, and largely based on the intelligent design movement, the ideas of evolution's opponents have received greater dissemination and notoriety. As a result, many individuals have been awakened to the inconsistencies, contradictions, and pseudo-science underlying the teaching of macro evolution and have renounced the doctrine of neo-darwinism. This list includes individuals from the highest tiers of scientific scholarship, research, and academia. The responding backlash among Darwin's naturalistic proponents are often vitriolic attempts to undermine creationists who have discredited their endangered arguments, once thought to be impregnable.

Unraveling Evolution explores the doctrine from a biblical, scientific, and cultural examination of the evidence. This work provides readers with an overview of the major features and failings of the doctrine of naturalistic evolution, as well as a critique of current attempts to couple aspects of the theory with biblical theology. Readers will come away with a better understanding of the controversy and a heightened readiness to respond to evolutionary ideology.

1. How Can We Know that God Exists?
2. Is the Bible the Word of God?
3. Background to Darwinian Evolution
4. The Failings of Theistic Evolution Part I: Inorganic and the Days of Creation
5. The Failings of Theistic Evolution Part II: Organic Evolution
6. Defeated Darwinian Dogmas Part I: Examining Irreducible Complexity and Radiometric Dating
7. Defeated Darwinian Dogmas Part II: Homology, Embryology, and the Peppered Moth
8. Defeated Darwinian Dogmas Part III: Darwin's Finches, Fruit Flies, and Vestigial Organs
9. The Geologic Column, the Fossil Record, and the Absence of Transitional Forms
10. "Hopeful Monsters," A New Hope? (The Doctrine of Punctuated Equilibrium)
11. Catastrophism, the Global Flood, and the Age of the Earth (Uniformitarianism Disputed)
12. The Ape/Man Question (The Origin of Man)
13. The Consequences of Evolutionary Thought

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