From Will to Power: Seven Days


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From Will to Power: Seven Days to Spiritual Self-Discipline

Bible study teacher Colleen O’Steen’s From Will to Power offers readers a collection of tips and stories that help them align their lives more closely with God and his teachings. Each of the seven chapters examines the challenges today’s Christians commonly face and the most impactful strategies for triumph.

There’s no doubt that the solutions themselves may be challenging-and sometimes uncomfortable- but they are key steps for spiritual growth. God’s work is not easy, but doing it right brings rich rewards.

By following O’Steen’s guidance, you can free your soul to thrive. Improve your relationships, stay pure in the modern era of social media, and help your children navigate life with the faith and tools they need to be successful. Overcome weaknesses- such as gossiping and lying—that get in the way of building compassionate relationships and living authentically.

From Will to Power teaches you how to be honest with yourself and God. It gives you all the tools you need to test yourself and check on your progress and understanding. Once you’ve reached the last page, you’ll have learned all the best techniques for unlocking your personal will and using it to grow your spiritual power.

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