Preschool Year 2, Book 2 Teacher Manual
Lesson 1: Romans: Grace / Do What is Good
Lesson 2: 1&2 Corinthians: The Lord`s Supper / Giving
Lesson 3: Galatians: Fruit of the Spirit
Lesson 4: Ephesians: The Whole Armor of God
Lesson 5: Philippians: Set a Goal / Full of Joy
Lesson 6: Colossians: Christ is Important / A Christian Home
Lesson 7: 1&2 Thessalonians, 1 Timothy: Be Ready / Elders Lesson 8: 1&2 Timothy, Titus: Deacons / The Right Way to Live Lesson 9: Philemon, Hebrews: Love Your Brother / Great Faith Lesson 10: James: Listen and Obey / Control What You Say Lesson 11: 1&2 Peter: Following Christ / Add to Your Faith Lesson 12: 1,2&3 John: Do Not Love the World / Imitate What Is Good Lesson 13: Jude, Revelation: Beware of False Teachers / God Loves the Church

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