Inspiration to Ink: The Big Pi


Inspiration to Ink: The Big Picture of How We Got the Bible

Readers will learn about how the Word was passed down and transcribed, while noting beautiful images of vintage Bibles from the author's personal collection. See how Scripture came to life in the pages of this new study from Mike Wilson.

A Teacher Supplement is also available.

Table of Contents
Lesson 1: God Spoke to Man
Lesson 2: Organizing the Message
Lesson 3: Publishing the Message
Lesson 4: Preserving the Message
Lesson 5: The Concept of a Book
Lesson 6: Biblical Authority and Scribal Transmission
Lesson 7: The Manuscripts—Can We Trust Them?
Lesson 8: Scribal Practices of Early Christians
Lesson 9: Witnesses to the Original Text: The Hard Evidence
Lesson 10: Holy Scripture in the Middle Ages
Lesson 11: Reform Movements and the Beginnings of Modern Translation
Lesson 12: Bible Developments in English
Lesson 13: Where We Stand Now
General Index
Scripture Index

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