Tumbling Stones


Tumbling Stones - 12 Ideas to Develop Spiritual Grit in Families by Colleen O'Steen

Grit can fire up families to defy spiritual mediocrity. A rabid bat attack, a cancer diagnosis turned gospel megaphone, Grandma Camp, and a young boy fighting to save his vision are a few of the true-life examples that mark the path to building spiritual grit in families. The authors use scripture narratives such as rebuilding the Jerusalem walls and characters like Rahab and Elijah who need grit in a pinch. Scripture is blended with practical tips to keep the audience reading and help readers move easily from theory to practice in an appealing and often humorous environment.This book has twelve chapters and 188 pages. There are assignments and discussion questions for each chapter.The contributions of the author, a mother (Colleen), and her three daughters (Haley, Rosalind, and Claire) offer the reader a multigenerational view of building spiritual strength in families. Also, because all four contributors are now adults, this work looks at parenting from the back side of the process.

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