A Study of the Book of Psalms


The Psalms is one of the most beloved books of the Old Testament. More than any other single book in Scripture, the Psalms provide the communication and spiritual mindset that believers need in order to draw near in fellowship to God.

In fact, the psalmists tell us more directly about God’s holiness, righteousness, and majesty than perhaps any other book of the Bible. The psalmists did not just believe in God and pray to Him; they were completely devoted to and worshiped Him as the sovereign Creator. For such reasons, believers today will often read, quote, and identify with the Psalms more than any other Old Testament passages.

To read and pray the Psalms is to join the voices of numberless people who too have read and prayed them, have felt their joy, anguish, and indignation. There is no better way to enter the spirit of Israelite history and the faith of this people of antiquity than through this book.

By Chad Sychtysz

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