Practical Essays on the Spirit


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Practical Essays on the Spirit’s Fruit, edited by Jennifer Maxey and Mark Mayberry is a sixteen-lesson workbook written by faithful Christian wives, mothers, and grandmothers to encourage their sisters in Christ to understand and apply the fruit of the Spirit to their lives. Each lesson explores Biblical teaching on different aspects of the Spirit’s fruit and how the Christian woman should exemplify these qualities.

1. The Nature of Fruit by Tracy Richardson
2. Jesus, the True Vine by Kelly Cornwell
3. The Way We Know Them by Sherelyn Mayberry
4. The Noble Soil by Lindsay Wolfgang Mast
5. Love by Beth Stange
6. Joy by April Flowers
7. Peace by Mary Richardson
8. Patience by Bridget Huber
9. Kindness by Nichola Peterson
10. Goodness by Cynthia Dann
11. Faithfulness by Kate Mitchell
12. Gentleness by Erin van Niekerk
13. Self-Control by Paula Kingsley
14. The Fruit of Our Lips by Diane Bain
15. The Withered Fig Tree: Anti-Fruit by Elizabeth Cazan
16. The Fruitful Family by Alena Brow

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