In His Image


In His Image, by Rick Billingsley, is a study designed to help Christians develop and maintain a positive attitude and a positive life. God created man in His image. This includes our intellect, emotion, and will. Our attitude reflects this image and conforming to His image includes developing attitudes within us that imitate God’s attitudes. This thirteen-lesson study strives to help students accomplish this goal in their lives.

Lesson 1 Made in His Image
Lesson 2 Think on These Things
Negative Attitudes
Lesson 3 Indifference
Lesson 4 Pride
Lesson 5 Complaining
Lesson 6 Envy
Lesson 7 Discouragement
Positive Attitudes
Lesson 8 Zeal
Lesson 9 Humility
Lesson 10 Gratitude
Lesson 11 Love
Lesson 12 Commitment
Lesson 13 Joy or Happiness

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