Maintaining the Credibility of the Church


Maintaining the Credibility of the Church, by Thomas W. Franklin examines issues that could damage the credibility of the church in the eyes of the world.

Table of Contents:
1. The credibility of the church
2. The image we project
3. Christianity is not a cheap religion
4. Good Christians have good manners
5. Teenage Christians: burdens or assets?
6. The three best english versions
7. Holding fast the faithful word
8. The moods of john 3:16
9. How grace saves
10. Fence straddlers
11. Bishops of the church
12. Nadab and Abihu
13. Faith is not baptism
14. The NIV as a conduit of Calvinism
15. The songs we sing
16. Public prayer
17. A climate of fear?
18. The Lord's supper
19. Keep the faith!
20. Jesus and the social gospel
21. Missionary societies
22. Testifying and witnessing
23. Only translating
24. Marriage
25. For preachers only
26. Jesus, lord of your life
27. Christmas, Easter, Mother's day
28. The episcopal Church of Christ
29. Precursors of restoration
30. Calvinism defined
31. Calvinism's terminology
32. Giving incentives
33. And where the bible is silent
34. "Spiritual death"
35. Enoch and the death of Christ
36. Planning to repent
37. Depravity and romans 3:23
38. Miracles, providence, and prayer
39. Farewell to logic
40. Bible silence is prohibitive
41. Edification and fellowship
42. The gift of the Holy Spirit

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