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Living Horizons: Principles of Family Life (A Resource for Wives, Mothers, and Daughters) by Marilyn Payne is a unique book written by a faithful Christian wife,
mother, and grandmother offering instruction, insight, and advice from God’s word to women of any age. Whether used as a class book for ladies’ studies or a reference on a variety of issues faced by women in the modern age this book will prove invaluable to any woman in Christ. We invite you to get to know Living Horizons a resource for wives, mothers, and daughters.

1. Beginnings
Importance of truth, communication helpers and blockers
2. Feelings I Hope Were Conveyed to Our Four Children
Twenty-one personal points, from a request
3. Proctor’s Spiral of Futility
Originated by Samuel Proctor at Rutgers University, exploring rejection and everything that may follow if intervention does not occur
4. Growing Love through God’s Appointed Roles
Exploring lies that women may believe and the importance of their roles in the home
5. Happiness
Maintaining peace during difficult times, etc.
6. Visions of Deepening Love
Includes principles such as those in Fascinating Womanhood, other marriage principles, and inspirational entries
7. Encouraging Chastity in Our Teenagers
Especially for a teenage girls’ Bible class.
8. Decisions on Dating
Especially for a teenage girls’ Bible class
A Few Favorite Recipes
Some ABC Bible Verses
Snapshots in Time
Key to Paintings and Photos

330 pages

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