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Premillenialism, True or False

ed. by Wendell Winkler

The First Annual Fort Worth Lectures held in 1978 at the Brown Trail Church of Christ in Fort Worth, Texas. 31 different lectures on the subject of premillennialism. This is a very thorough treatment of this subject.

- Premillenialism Defined, Delineated, Developed, and Defeated
- II Peter 3 and the Second Coming of Christ
- Is the Lord's Coming Imminent?
- The New Heavens and the New Earth
- What Will It Be Like When Jesus Comes?
- The Interpretation of Prophecy
- The Last Days
- The 144,000
- The Jews and Palestine
- The Church, Afterthought or the Eternal Purpose?
- Max-Kingism
- Matthew 24
- Premillennialism, Is It Really Consequential?
- The Battle of Armageddon
- The Kingdom the Prophets Saw
- The First Resurrection
- Premillennialism, A Historical and Restoration Perspective
- The Man of Sin and the AntiChrist
- The Rapture and the Tribulation
- The Immovable Kingdom
- Great Books that Refute Premillennialism
- Just Waht is the Millennium?
- “The Day of the Lord” of Joel 2, Acts 2 and Other Passages
- Revelation 20-An Exegesis
- Anglo-Israelism and Dispensationalism
- Christ and the Throne of David
- The Binding of Statan
- When the Books are Opened
- The Books of I and II Thessalonians Surveyed and Studied
- The Book of Daniel Surveyed and Studied
- The Book of Revelation Surveyed and Studied

Hardback. 311 pages.

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