By Way of Reminder: Bible Lists for Memorization & Rerence


By Way of Reminder: Bible Lists for Memorization & Reference
by Cloyce Sutton II

This is a what-to-know book, not a how-to-do-it book. It contains various lists related to or taken from the Bible. Much of this you may have learned long ago in church or family Bible classes or studies. If that’s the case, this may serve as a refresher course. If you never learned the information, or you’ve forgotten it, this may serve as a springboard for further learning.

The first half of this booklet contains lists of the most important things, people, places, and events from the Old Testament and the New Testament. These can help you mentally organize the vast amount of information in the Bible. Some of the lists are elementary and simple. Some are more advanced and complicated. Start with the easy lists and add the more challenging ones as you go.

The second half of the booklet includes a number of suggested Bible verses to memorize. These verses are topically organized. The best way to fight temptation and sin is to memorize Scripture (Psalm 119.11). Memorize verses that will help you personally in your spiritual life and then, memorize verses that you can share with others.

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