A Study of the Major Prophets


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A Study of the Major Prophets
by Donnie V. Rader

There are many ways one could study the Major Prophets. Each way has its benefits. In this study, Donnie V. Rader takes an overview look at each Major Prophet allowing this section of Scripture to be covered in one quarter (one trimester). This approach allows students to get the “big picture” of each prophet’s message making it easier to study more specific details later. Although this is an overview study, the author fills each lesson with commentary and questions covering the text. This study will benefit students of all levels.

Contains 13 lessons, 134 pages


Lesson 1: Isaiah 1-23
Lesson 2: Isaiah 24-39
Lesson 3: Isaiah 40-48
Lesson 4. Isaiah 49-66
Lesson 5. Jeremiah 1-33
Lesson 6: Jeremiah 34-45
Lesson 7: Jeremiah 46-52
Lesson 8: Lamentations
Lesson 9: Ezekiel 1-11
Lesson 10: Ezekiel 12-24
Lesson 11: Ezekiel 25-32
Lesson 12: Ezekiel 33-48
Lesson 13: Daniel 1-4
Lesson 14: Daniel 5-8
Lesson 15: Daniel 9-12

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