Mining for God's Gold in Life's Dark Valleys


Margaret Head shares some of the wisdom she has learned over her ninety-five years to help us persevere through life's dark valleys. In her book she relates, not only her personal stories, but the true stories of others who have suffered similarly and still managed to find their way out of their valleys with the help of God's word and Christ's teachings.

"I have selected scriptures to remind each of us to consider, and perhaps reconsider, how we respond to the seemingly inescapable valleys that come into our lives.

"'This is my comfort in my affliction,
That Your word has revived me.'
—Psalms 119:50.

"Throughout the book, you will read about the experiences of others who have mined or are continuing to mine their own painful, challenging valleys. May their Godly examples serve as beacons of light to help us in our quest to keep our love for God and His Word safely intact and the salvation of our oft endangered souls our primary focus. May we fully appreciate their willingness to recall and relate their very painful personal experiences so that we might grow in strength and perseverance."

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