Know with Certainty


Know with Certainty? - A Lifetime of Musings on Luke-Acts
by Randy Harshbarger

Our world is plagued with constant uncertainties. Wars and rumors of wars, financial trends, up and down, and a disease riddled universe, continually stoke the fires of fear, worry, and panic. Even though we search for something secure, too often, we don’t really know where to look.

Luke, with the keen eye of a physician, writes with confidence about things he already knew. While others had also written, Luke writes about firmness, stability, certainty, undoubted truth, and safety from enemies and dangers. The stakes are too high to waffle on such matters. Luke’s account is orderly; his narrative about Jesus flows easily. Theophilus, this Friend of God, knew some things about the carpenter from Nazareth; Luke proceeds to shore up any lack of knowledge and understanding his audience might have had.

Luke and the book of Acts continue to resonate today; they are a natural fit for our world. A pluralistic society can warm to the inclusion of others, people not at all like themselves. Luke’s teaching about wealth, poverty, relationships, and a kingdom not of this world, helps us navigate through these uncertain times.

So, let us peek over the shoulder of Luke the "beloved physician" and "see with our own eyes" the story of our Savior.

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