FBS-Walking With Pro/Kings 6:3


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Walking With Prophets and Kings (Faith Builder Series, 6:3)

Lesson 1 Walking With Samuel: The Last Judge
Lesson 2 Walking With Saul: A King Like the Nations
Lesson 3 Walking With David
Lesson 4 Walking With Solomon
Lesson 5 Walking With Rehoboam and Jeroboam
Lesson 6 Walking With Jehoshaphat
Lesson 7 Walking With Elijah
Lesson 8 Walking With Elisha
Lesson 9 Walking With King Jehu
Lesson 10 Walking With King Hezekiah
Lesson 11 Walking Into the Collapse and Fall of the Kingdom
Lesson 12 Walking With Ezra to Rebuild the Law in Israel
Lesson 13 Walking With Nehemiah to Rebuild the Walls of Jerusalem

Written at a 6th grade level. Contains 13 lessons, each with discussion questions.

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