CTR-17 Time Periods Full Size Spirals


Creation to Revelation's 17 Time Periods Full Size Spirals

The 17 Time Periods, originally written by Bob Waldron, are a unique system for telling the Bible story used for several generations to learn the Bible better. Being able to tell the Bible story is a talent that even the youngest minds can learn. The Creation to Revelation team has illustrated the 17 Time Periods using Bob's "3 Cycle Approach" booklet as a foundation. With this visual tool, it has never been easier not only to share the good news, but also to train young minds and hearts to do the same!

-Plastic coil binding, 10 mm
-Top binding
-20 lb paper
-Easy to turn binding
-17 easy to read titles
-One image per page
-Hand assembled by a CTR team member

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