Building Bible Knowledge (6) Revelation


Building Bible Knowledge (6): Revelation - The Revelation of Jesus Christ

A series by Joel Lynn designed to assist students in committing Scripture to memory. Book Six: The Revelation of Jesus Christ, covers the last book of the New Testament-Revelation. Of all the 66 books of the Bible, this author struggles to understand this book more than any other. Some things in the book are easily understood; but there are quite a number of symbols used in this book that the author struggles to determine what they represent. There are things in this book for every student, from the newest novice of god's word to the most advanced Bible scholar. Even though we may not always know fully what a symbol means, we can usually determine if it represents good (God) or evil (the devil). This helps us gain more knowledge about the conflict between the two and be confident that God will be victorious in the end.

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