Lord's Supper Mediatations


Help Me Believe in the Power of the Cross: Lord's Supper Meditations

Each Lord's Day Christians around the world gather to memorialize the turning point in God's relationship with mankind through the Lord's Supper. Often in our observance we refer to the story of the cross. Yet one key point overlooked at times is how the role of Jesus and the cross was purposed, planned, pictured, prophesied, and predicted throughout the Old Testament. The power of the types, shadows, and prophecies of Jesus may take deeper digging into the ancient words, but the deeper we dig, the deeper will be our faith in our risen Savior.

This book has been written as an evidentiary tool to assist both the casual reader and those who guide our thoughts and minds at the Lord's Table. It will help others see and appreciate the faint portrait God had been painting of Jesus through the pens of the patriarchs all the way to the prophets. These concise messages and meditations are written to be read publicly or as a weekly devotional. The teachings within will enrich both individuals and congregations. By reading these 53 messages, you will be in greater awe of the love and eternal plan of God to save mankind through the ages.

By Joshua Welch

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