Faith that Doubts: A Simplifie


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Faith that Doubts: A Simplified Investigation of Christian Evidences

An open-minded study on the truthfulness of the Bible
The world is full of polarizing opinions surrounding the Bible. Just try googling “Can I trust the Bible?” and see what opposing views populate. The division can be discouraging, especially for those diligently seeking the truth regarding the reliability of the Scripture. Even the best-intentioned individual may be tempted to quit searching and default to the beliefs of their family and friends instead.

In response to conflicting information, this book analyzes ten foundational questions from the perspective of believers and non-believers to help people find the truth behind the Bible and Christianity. These questions include the following:
What is truth?
Where did the Bible come from?
Does the Bible Contain Variants and Contradictions?
Why are there 66 books in the Bible?
Does archeology support the Bible?
Were Old Testament prophesies fulfilled?
Did Jesus fulfill messianic prophecy?
Did miracles occur?
What can we know about Jesus?
What happened after Jesus?

Regardless of background or religion, this book encourages readers to leave their bias behind, analyze facts, and establish a faith grounded in evidence.

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