Excellence in Praise and Worsh


Excellence in Praise and Worship: Coming Into the Presence of the King

Excellence in Praise & Worship is an in-depth, adult bible class workbook designed to be taught over twenty-four class periods. The book is written in three sections ("Come into His Presence", "You are a Royal Priesthood," and "With All Your Heart, With All Your Soul, With All Your Might") designed to bring the reader from an elementary knowledge of worship, to a fuller and more fulfilling understanding. Each section is further divided into eight lessons that are easy to digest and easy to teach. As its mission, the book seeks to answer the question of what God expects from His people in their worship and praise, and provides guidance in how to improve both individual and corporate worship.

Excellence in Praise in Worship considers commands from God, Jesus, and His apostles, examples of God's people in worship, and comparisons of worship among modern believers. The book provides Christians with a peace of mind that comes with understanding what is truly excellent worship.

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