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Between the Testaments - Linking Old and New by Ferrell Jenkins

Many good Bible students recognize that their knowledge of what happened
between the close of the book of Malachi in the Old Testament
and the work of John the Baptist and the birth and ministry of Jesus in the
New Testament is deficient.
Suppose an individual knows the Old Testament well. When he or
she opens the New Testament there is an awareness that one is reading
about some things never encountered in the Old Testament. Many have
heard explanations in classes and sermons about an isolated item such as
a Sabbath days journey or the difference between the Pharisees and the
Sadducees, but has no idea about the development of these groups in the
intertestamental period.
The purpose of this brief historical study is to fill in some of those
gaps in knowledge. I have taught this material in several churches and
the book, in the previous editions, has been taught by others. The updated
book is sent forth with the hope that it will enhance your knowledge
of the period under consideration and make your Bible study more
understandable and rewarding.

Why Study Between the Testaments
I. Survey of Latter Old Testament History Related
to World Empires
Babylonian Period
Persian Period
II. The Rise of the Greek Empire and Spread of Greek Culture
III. The Division of Alexander’s Empire
IV. The Diaspora
V. The Jews Under the Ptolemies
VI. The Jews Under the Seleucids
VII. The Maccabean Revolt
VIII. The Hasmonean Dynasty
IX. The Romans in Palestine
X. The Herods
XI. The Synagogue
XII. The Samaritans
XIII. The Jewish Sects and Other Important Groups
Tax Collectors (Publicans)
XIV. Literature of the Intertestamental Period
Dead Sea Literature
Alexandrian Allegorism
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