Distinctive Plea


The Distinctive Plea

by Jeff Cason

26 Lesson Workbook

The distinctive plea of the church of Christ examines what God's word has to say about how precious, how different and how inviting His plan is for His church. When we use the term "distinctive plea," we're not talking about a manmade document, argument or defense in support of a man-made institution called the church of Christ. We're using the term "distinctive plea" as a convenient way for us to highlight God-breathed Scriptures (2 Timothy 3:16-17) that talk about how appealing, how convicting, how captivating, and how unique the Lord's church is. So when we talk about the distinctive plea, we're pleading and appealing to the souls of people about the church that God planned before the foundation of the world, its distinguishing characteristics and the committed lives of its people. The church of Christ is not a tradition, a heritage, or one faith among many but rather is the blood-bought body of Jesus Christ.

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