The Church: God's Called Out P


The Church: God's Called Out People
by Matthew Allen

How precious is the church to you? One of the greatest challenges of our time is to overcome a growing dissatisfaction with church membership. More and more have come to believe they can have Christ without the church, even as the New Testament shows that upon salvation God gives us Jesus and His church. At your baptism, you received not only a Savior, but His people as well. Imperfect as they are, there is no greater honor and privilege than being inside the household of God, living as His son or daughter, interacting with our brothers and sisters.

This workbook was designed as a refresher course for mature saints and young Christians alike. It reminds the bible student of the magnitude of salvation, properly defines New Testament Christianity, and identifies the church. It covers the authority of Christ and provides an overview of the leadership roles God put over the church. And finally, it covers the basic aspects of heart filled and reverent worship. The fundamental understanding of the church must never be taken for granted. The principles surrounding the church must be taught repeatedly, so that our sincere understanding might be reinforced, 2 Peter 3.1.

While The Church: God’s Called Out People was designed specifically with church bible classes in mind, it is perfect for small group or individual study. It also would be fitting for high school Bible classes. Its 13 chapters fit perfectly into a quarterly schedule. Every member of your congregation should go through this material.

1. Your Story is His Story
2. Magnitude of Your Salvation
3. Defining NT Christianity
4. Identifying the NT Church
5. How to Be Added to the Church
6. Role of Jesus and the Apostles in the Church
7. The Eldership
8. Deacons and Evangelists
9. The Heart Behind Giving
10. Work of the Lord's People
11. Revernce of Worship
12. Purpose and Power of the Lord's Supper
13. Why We Sing A Capella

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